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About Us
Add some spice to your life with fun, funky and unique fashion jewelry, scarves, and caps from
Shi's Jewelry Box!
Shi's Jewelry Box has jewelry pieces and accessories that you will not see at your local mall or jewelry shop. Here at Shi's Jewelry Box we only order a small quantity of each jewelry style to keep each piece unique and the inventory fresh and fun. These pieces are sure to stand out and get noticed by everyone! The right accessory or piece of jewelry will make any outfit and will expand on every wardrobe. No matter how old or young, short or tall, big or small, fashion jewelry & CAPS can bring out anyone's
personality and style!

   Here's what our customers have to say about
       Shi's Jewelry Box
Okay....FOR REAL! Those are really cool unique pieces. I can afford that! LOL
Thank you soooo much Shilo! Loved the rings and some of those necklaces are off tha chain! Yes....will be ordering. Thank you for thinking of me. I could use some new stuff...
and affordable is my language. :) 
                                            - Kathie J from the KS1075 morning show
Just got my order opened up. Love, love, love your stuff! You have a great eye for good finds. Everything was packaged nicely and arrived perfectly.                                                                               
                                          - Cindy, Ca (boutique owner)  
Our mom loved the mothers day necklaces. She cried a little when we gave them to her and she came home from work wearing it. So thankful for your amazing business! 
                                                                           - Colby & Jaclyn , CA
I have been handing out your card, and I actually sold one of my necklaces right off my neck at a Nuggets game last night. Soooo funny!  
                   - Chandra, Co

I think I own 20 of your hats now and it was so nice to finally meet you at Broomfield Days this year! You always deliver even with my biggest requests! Thank You so much!!!!
                                                                                        - Lisa Vanwood
 The Story

Why Shi's JEWELRY Box?

I started this home-based company in August 2009 with the hopes that everyone could share my passion in fun fashion jewelry and accessories. I majored in fashion merchandising at New Mexico State University, and was the VP of their fashion merchandising organization, with the goal to somehow be part of the fashion industry.  
I knew I had to take the leap in starting this business when my favorite jewelry shop got bought out by owners that raised prices by double and stopped carrying the fun and unique pieces that I loved. I left that jewelry shop twice with nothing in hand, and came home determined to start my own business, so that jewelry lovers wouldn't have to shop at several different places to find unique, funky, fun and super affordable pieces. At the time, I had sold my jewelry primarily at home parties. and online.
I started to tap into hat selling, but couldn't find any wholesale hats that I was proud to present. I started designing, making and photographing hats in 2012 and also created a wholesale market. The hats took over the entire business and now is 90% of Shi's Jewelry Box sales. She's Jewelry Box (even though we are mainly a hat boutique) is getting known all over the US for our hats, and so the name will always remain Shi's Jewelry Box.

I  do weekly merchandising for all our Shi's Jewelry Box displays at local shops & boutiques throughout Co & Ca where our jewelry, accessories, and our wholesale Cap Collection is sold.
My business is home-based so I can remain a mommy to two wonderful little girls as well as a career women working in sales and marketing in the construction industry. 

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service, price and style in the industry, while giving you that small business individual attention you deserve.

Shilo French                    
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